The educational system in Cyprus consists of compulsory and optional education. For all children it is mandatory to attend a preschool for 1 year before entering the elementary school that lasts for 6 years, and is followed by another 3 years of high school. Instead of lyceum, young people can choose to attend a technical college and get a professional education. The secondary education can also be obtained in private schools.

Cyprus offers excellent opportunities for getting high quality education according to the UK national school curriculum. In all major cities of Cyprus there are English schools that provide a full cycle of primary and secondary education. Limassol has the biggest number of English schools. Usually children start school at the age of five. Primary education lasts 6 years, secondary - 7 years. At the end of high school, students take exams and receive a General Certificate of Secondary Education - GCSE. The last two years of secondary school are dedicated to preparation for entering university. At the end of the school, pupils take exams and their results are the basis for admission to British universities.

There are also several Russian schools in Cyprus. Education takes 11 years and is based on the Russian state educational programs. School graduates receive a Russian diploma.

Speaking of the universities, many higher education institutions in Cyprus are accredited in Europe and the US, which means that students can participate in exchange programs and get the opportunity to study in these countries. Many prestigious universities, such as University of Cyprus, European University, University of Nicosia, Frederick University and others, function in Cyprus.

Finally, as an important fact to mention, branches of the famous British universities started to operate in Cyprus. In the suburbs of Larnaca - UcLan Cyprus university - a branch of the famous University of Central Lancashire. In downtown of Larnaca itself, a faculty of University of the West of England is located.



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